Huish Champflower Fete 2019 – Food, Produce, Arts & Crafts Winners

  • Coombe End Cup (Fruit and Vegetables) – Sue Biss
  • Rose bowl (Flowers) – Thomas Kennen & Caroline Adams
  • Crabtree cup (Cookery) – Jo Lewis
  • Gormley cup (Craft) – Alan Cooke
  • Children’s Cup – Eva Cooke
  • Murdock Cup (Highest Points Overall) – Sue Biss

Huish Champflower Dog Show Results – 2019


  • Best Working Dog  – 1st Lily (Paul Power), 2nd Toodles (Rachel Hurford), 3rd Keddie (Tiffany Jobson), 4th Kim (Di Shepherd).
  • Best Terrier – 1st Maggie (Arnie Priest), 2nd Sage (Leonie Hurford), 3rd Raddy (Michael Winterton) 4th Beau (Jay Lawley).
  •  Best Puppy – 1st Sidekick (Joe Humphries), 2nd Red (Emma Bettridge), 3rd Honey (Melissa Clark), 4th Tolly (Paul Tam).
  •  Best Child Handler  – 1st Leonie Hurford (6) with Phoebe, 2nd Heidi Wilkinson (5) with Duggy, 3rd Scarlett Humphries (7) with Fly, 4th Jake Perry (10) with Tann.
  •  Best Six Legs on Display – 1stMolly and Alison Bagley,  2nd Toodles and Rachel Hurford, 3rd Gessie and Noel Terry, 4th Mia and Ellie Reed.
  •  Prettiest Girl – 1st Maggie (Arnie Priest), 2nd Lily (Paul Power), 3rd Annie (Di Shepherd), 4th Mia (Ellie Reed).
  •  Most Handsome Boy – 1st Toodles (Rachel Hurford), 2nd Henry (Peter Moran), 3rd Sidekick (Joe Humphries), 4thAmbrose (Emilie Hardy).
  •  Most Inspiring Veteran – 1st Sage (Leonie Hurford), 2nd Bo (Molly Abel), 3rd Beau (Jay Lawley).
  •  Best Rescue – 1st Molly (Alison Bagley), 2nd Hazel (Tiffany Jobson), 3rd Pami (Jos Krijgsman).
  •  Dog Most Like His/Her Owner – 1st Teddy (John Morrod), 2nd Mia (Ellie Reed), 3rd Tann (Kat Perry), 4th Sidekick (Joe Humphries).
  •  Rachel Hurford and Toodles won the agility competition, completing the course in 32 seconds.  Runners up were Hazel (Amy and Daniel Jobson) and Tann (George and Kat Perry).