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Latest News

Road Closures – For whatever reason the County Highways team seem to avoid informing us of roadworks (including closures) in the Parish. We are urgently trying to resolve this long-term issue. In the meantime – be aware of:

Temporary Traffic Lights – Longmead – for Wessex Water – now scheduled to be gone by end of 19th November (according to Highways website).

Road Surface Repairs – the Parish Council has no information (yet) as to when these  signposted works will happen. We keep trying to get the official notices!

Village Hall Booking Details – due to popular demand (!) we have added a list of Hall Bookings for the next few months. Please click here HCVH Bookings at 18 Nov 2019

Huish Champflower Fete & Produce Show 2019 – a full report can be found here & the lists of prize and event winners can be found here

Broadband Update – a company called Technological (www.technological.co.uk) is currently (and fairly rapidly) progressing a fibre broadband network in Skilgate.

If, as a community, we can demonstrate demand – via registration of interest on their website – then the company will look to build their network out to us. We understand that they are already looking at Upton.

An overview of the Skilgate project can be found here.

We now also have a couple of flyers available providing a bit more information on service options and pricing –  Skilgate Flyer Flyer Information v2

To make the network build financially viable our community needs to encourage as many residents and businesses to register with the company and also with the Rural Gigabit Voucher scheme, which provides £3,500 funding for a business connection and up to £1,500 for residential. If you run a business from home then you can register for both.

Reckless & Dangerous Driving Threatening Safety of Horse Riders – The Parish Council has received reports of a few recent incidents involving reckless and dangerous driving behaviour creating a very real danger to local residents as they ride their horses. A number of riders are now wearing bodycams to capture video evidence which will be reported to the Police.

Website Update – regular visitors to the website will be aware that the site has been undergoing a bit of a revamp. This will continue for the next few months.

Parish Newsletter – the first version of an occasional Parish Newsletter can be found by clicking here The Huish Observer (Feb-Apr 2018).