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Up-coming Village Events

Village NoticeBoards – Our 2 central Village noticeboards are sadly in need of a bit of care and attention. Would anyone be willing to do some repainting to save them from deteriorating any further? If you can help please email the Parish Clerk on ParishClerk@HuishChampflower.org

St Peter’s Church – A listing of events for 2024 can be found here.

Parish Council – Copies of past Agenda and Minutes as well as Financial information can be found here.

YOGA – at the Village Hall – Tuesdays, 6-7.30pm

Table Tennis – “Meet & Play” – Wednesday 5th June, 7-9pm @ the Village Hall. Come along and join in the fun.

Request for Information – Has anyone seen 2 Finger Post arms from the post at Flint Cross near Brown Lane? They look like they have been knocked off accidentally, if we can locate them they could be welded back on at minimal cost, but to create new arms will cost considerable sums of money that we don’t have. If you have seen these arms please contact the parishclerk@huishchampflower.org or leave them at the side of the village hall. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

To Hire the Village Hall contact Hall@HuishChampflower.org. Hire fees and Booking Form are now available on this page – Village Hall & King George’s Field

A current listing of events/bookings is on the Village Diary page.

Road Closures – Register for free with www.One.Network for information on roadworks/closures.