Huish Champflower Village Hall

Statement of Intent

The object of the Village Hall Committee, in line with the Trust, is to provide or assist in the provision for the inhabitants of the Parish of Huish Champflower and the neighourhood thereof facilities for recreation or other leisure-time occupation in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants.

Environmental Policy

The Village Hall Committee will avoid waste and encourage the appropriate conservation, re-use and recycling of resourses. It will re-use and recycle materials as far as possible and, if this is impractical, disposal by a means which will have the least impact on the environment. It will encourage users of the hall to minimise waste.

The New Build Steering Committee will ensure that the potential environmental impact of any building projects will be assessed and minimised. This will include, where possible, methods of construction which make best use of resources; designs which result in low maintenance and high energy efficiency and the use of building materials from sustainable sources such as timber.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Our aim is to ensure that we become aware of discrimination and the problem it causes. The Village hall Committee will challenge practices, legislation and institutions, which seek to discriminate against or deny the rights of individuals or groups in any form. Committee will seek to take positive action to address the inequalities.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Vulnerable Adult & Child Protection Policy

The Huish Champflower Village Hall Committee have a duty to safeguard children and vulnerable adults who utilise the hall and its facilities

Vulnerable Adult and Child Protection Policy 

Health & Safety Policy

Our policy is to:

a) Provide healthy and safe working conditions, equipment and systems of work for our volunteers, committee members and hirers

b) Keep the village hall and equipment in a safe condition for all users.

c) Provide information as is necessary to volunteers and users.

Health & Safety Policy 2014/15

Hiring Agreement.

Should you wish to hire the village hall, King George’s Playing Field, or both, please complete the attached hire agreement. Your attention is drawn to the terms and conditions.