The sub committee members are:

Sarah Payne, John Weakley, Gareth Hoskins, Roy Phillips-Harral and Andrew Smith.

The village hall will be designed by a local architect, to meet the requirements of the user groups, and built to very high environmental and energy-efficiency standards. It is hoped that Huish Champflower Village Hall can become a model of how a well-designed and efficiently operated community building can transform the quality of life for the residents of a rural village.

Incorporated within the new building will be facilities to accommodate the needs of the Huish Champflower Cricket Club, which uses the King George’s Playing Field to host their cricket matches.

The land on which the village hall stands, and the playing field, is vested in the Official Custodian for Charities. It is not owned in any sense by the members of the Committee. The role of the members of the Committee is simply to manage the land and facilities in accordance with the terms of the 1981 Trust Scheme