The Royal Institute of British Architects have developed a plan of work that is used by Architects throughout the UK. The plan of work outlines the different stages of a building project from its conception to its completion. The stages are set out below.

Appraisal & Design Brief

Inception of the project and feasibility for appraisal in order to decide whether and how to proceed.

Outline Proposals

To develop the brief and determine the general approach to layout, design and construction.

Detailed Proposals

Finalise brief, decide final direction using input from other consultants,complete a full design, and submit for typical planning approval. Plans approved 05/05/2015 ref.3/17/15/002

Final Proposals

Preparation and submission of Building Regulations. Application and subsequent queries until approval.

Production Information

To produce construction drawings and collect together all the information needed to produce a Specification and Schedule of works.

Tender Documents

To produce the Specification and Schedule of works.

Tender Action

To prepare the tender and analyse the returns of that tender.

Mobilisation and Construction

To prepare the building contact and monitor the works on site.

Certificate of Inspection


note:  those sections in italic have been completed

New Hall Progress Report 2017(2)